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Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Year's Day Menu....

For New Year's Day, we are going cajun! I am excited because my family has some deep roots in Louisiana and I love to cook cajun food! We are having this and this(except I am substituting crawfish for shrimp; or as my family calls them, crawdaddies!) and one of these (even though I usually like to make cakes from scratch, I am not too good to use a cake mix!) And, for sides, I am not sure yet,but one thingFOR SURE, some good, hot, loaded with butter , cast iron skillet cornbread!

I ended up not getting to cook much for Christmas and I was so bummed about that. Long story. My mom and sisters did a really great job, though. The food was so good! And my mother in law made awesome spaghetti and meatballs and all of that for Christmas Eve supper! So, I am really excited about cooking all of this and Charlie will be off work again to celebrate with us! He has to go back to almost no days off and no vacation until next November so I am going to enjoy having him home for this last part of the year. Anyway, I said I wouldn't post for a little bit but I had to tell you about our menu! I get really excited about food! :o)

Lily is better, she slept really good last night. I am not sure what is going on but I am calling the pediatrician to get her in as soon as I can. So, I am off to go and buy groceries and use my new food processor to make supper. Thanks, babe. :o)

Have a Happy New Year, Everyone!

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