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Friday, September 26, 2008

Tidbits from life around here...

Things that have happened around here lately:

*Drew slept 4 & 1/2 hrs. last night and is on a eat, waketime, sleep routine of every 3 hrs. all by himself!!! =)

* Lily has 2 new teeth!!! She is also now wearing pull-ups!! We are not going in the potty (nor am I pushing her to) but she was outgrowing the diapers so we had to do something! She is such a chunky monkey! =)

* Claire is riding her tricycle and today has been watching Martha Stewart and instructing me on how to make cookies. We've also started watching, "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown" in preparation for all the upcoming fun!! She wants to be a (surprise!) Princess for all the Fall activities! How did I know that was coming? lol.

* Lily is "reading" to Drew and Claire sings to him every night. It's so precious & Drew loves the Veggie Tales themesong (Claire & Lily's fave)

* Made Halloween cookies 2 days this week; Charlie took some to work for the crew. Used this recipe; try it, they're yummy! =) (I have pictures, will try to get them posted tonight or tomorrow)

* Claire cut a hunk out of Lily's hair with her safety scissors! Yes, they were put up but Miss Claire knows how to climb on kitchen chairs extremely well. It's not too bad, I caught her before the damage was irreversible!

* Charlie has helped me with the baby a few nights this week. He is such a wonderful husband. He has to get up at 4:30 am so for him to help and not complain is so sweet. With three kids, it's pretty much a given that neither one of us is going to sleep all night long, undisturbed! Dream on! So, it's great that he is willing to help so much. I love you, baby!!!! There is no one else like you. I am so blessed that you are mine!

* Making this for supper tonight! I don't like to use bouillon, though, so I substituted 3/4 cup margarine (butter would be better but I am watching calories) and 1 cup water. I also added a little more soy sauce. We will see how it turns out! It smells so delicious cooking in my crock-pot! =)

* Claire was playing outside, "cooking" and she told me she was making me peanut butter soup in her crockpot! I thought that was so cute & funny! =)

* So ready to make pumpkin bread!! I have the pumpkin bought so I think tomorrow is the day! Try this recipe; it's SO good! =)

* Listen to this song over at my sister's blog! We love this song, too, it's great when you are just in the dumps! It's uplifting! =)

* Loving on sweet baby Drew is going great! We are spoiling him rotten and loving every minute of it!! He is such a good, laid back, easy baby. He is a precious blessing and such a sweetheart! Mama & Daddy sure love our baby boy! And so do his sisters! =)

Well, that is just a little update on everything around here. I promise to try and get pictures posted in the next couple of days! My computer has issues (we need a new one, so bad!) and my Mom's is having issues, as well. It takes a lot of time to load them and I just haven't had the time! I so want to share more pictures of our family with you so just be patient with me! And I will try to be patient, as well! Have a great weekend, everyone!


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crystal said...

Such cute stuff going on at your house. If you want me to upload your pictures, get them on CD and I can do it...in like 2 minutes...gotta love DSL! Anyway, we had a good day today and makes it even better to read your good stuff before I go to bed.

Love Ya

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot