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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Life around here...

. Drew slept 8 hrs. last night (about 3 of those on my chest because he was gassy but oh well, sleep is sleep!)

. Claire & Lily are currently running around in their Strawberry Shortcake bathing suits. They are "boo-ful, mama, just boo-ful" =)

. Made banana bread last night from Darcy's recipe. Our family LOVES this recipe! Yum.

. Got fall decorations out of storage last night (finally) and I have been decorating today. Hope to get more tomorrow to finish up and I am so excited about seeing it all come together! I love Fall!

. Claire & Lily are sitting in the recliner eating banana bread and drinking milk. They are so adorable. My camera batteries are not charged up yet! I can't wait until they are. Maybe I can get some pics later today. I am missing some great opportunities this morning. =(

. Drew is napping. I am trying to get him back on a decent nap routine after our weekend pretty much ruined that! But, that's okay, we had fun!

. Finally got to see my in-laws new church building inside! It is BEAUTIFUL and the girls LOVED the nursery! They also thought the baptistry was a swimming pool. Claire wanted to go home and get her suit! =)

. Same church is having breakfast every Friday and supper at church on Wednesday nights before services. I think that is wonderful and will reach many in the community!

. Our church is going to watch Fireproof in the next week or so. We are not for sure about the exact date yet. We have to get the group together and get it verified through the movie theatre. I am SO excited; it should be really fun! I have heard a lot of great things about this movie! =)

. Prayers have been answered for our family situation! Thank you, Lord Jesus! Things are better but things need to continue to be worked out so PLEASE continue to pray for that!

. 11 years ago October 10th was our first date! =) The night my life changed completely forever! I love that man so much and I am just so in awe that I am his wife. Even after all this time. Love you, babe.

. Drew will be 6 weeks old Thursday; time flies! Try to get more pictures up today or tomorrow. I know we are way overdue in that area! =)

. Got a new outfit last week!!! Yay; almost lost ALL of the baby weight. YAY, I am very happy about that! =) New jeans ($20 Wal-Mart but seriously these are great! I HATE cheap jeans usually but these fit SO good and they don't stretch out and I think that they even LOOK expensive! ) and a black t-shirt and I even bought a cute necklace! I will have to post pictures! I even got new make-up this week and I have to say that AVON has the greatest, cheapest make-up and I LOVE it! I may become an Avon lady! =)

. I'll probably get a lot of crap for this but I am really liking Jessica Simpson's new CD. "Remember that" is actually a pretty good song. She can actually sing where you can hear her instead of whispering! when she sang pop, I always wondered why everyone liked her and actually I thought she was not very good but, like I said, I like her new CD so, we shall see! Maybe I will end up being a fan? (of her music, maybe, who knows?)

. Made pumpkin bread twice after I came home from having Drew and both times, I forgot to put baking soda in it! I could not figure out why it was flat and hard. That is why! Finally this week, I got it right! I guess all of the sleep helped! =)

. Having breakfast for supper tonight because I did not get to go grocery shop and I won't get to go until tomorrow! So, tonight it is French Toast (with leftover bread from last night), Blue & Gold Sausage (the BEST sausage ever), and omelets. Yum.

. Loving my crockpot this week and last! My sister has a yummy menu this week with lots of crockpot meals! =)

. Found some comfy yoga pants that I really LOVE! These are so comfortable!

. Trey Morgan. net has some great blog posts lately. LOVE his blog!

. Reading, "Created to be his help meet" again. That book gives me a serious reality check just when I need it the most. LOVE what this book has done for our marriage!!

. Need to buy new picture frames. Horrible. I am so bad about remembering things like this.

. Found some cool books for Claire, Lily, Kylie & Alaina. I have to get them mailed to my sis tomorrow. They teach hand-eye coordination and help with color recognition. They get to cut and paste a lot and I think that will be popular! I found them on clearance for $1.50 and they were $6.00 so that's a GREAT deal! =)

. Drew is now eating 5 oz. bottles and last night he took 6 oz. He is getting SO big!

. Thursday is my 6 week checkup. I hate those and will be glad to be through with it all.

. Please pray for my Uncle Edwin, he is VERY sick and doesn't have much time left.

. Wish it would STOP raining so I can take my kids for a walk. We love our double stroller!!! =)

. Charlie is finally working good hours again. It's been about a year and a half of financial stress because of reduced hours for one reason or another. Thank God for his raise or we may not be able to do it! Thank God it is better now! =)

. Drinking LOTS of water every day, about 12 glasses , at least! Trying to lose the fluid that I just seem to hold on too since I got pregnant with Andrew. Seems to be helping. I have lost all of my baby weight except the stomach that is terribly stretched out after 3 kids in 4 years. lol.

Welll, I am off to play outside! Have a great day!



Denise said...

Sweetie, you are going to love fireproof, it will touch your heart deeply.

Amy said...

~Amen for the breakfast for dinner! You don't know how many times we have this when I haven't been to the grocery store. lol
~Nice yoga pants! I am wearing those very same ones at this very moment. They really tuck in the tummy and boost up my rear, LOVE that. Haha!
~Oooo, 6 week check-up, hope that goes well for ya, definitely not my favorite appt either.
~Lastly, great post above on voting and our country. I've definitely been having the same feelings. I wish I could do something to change some people's minds in such a crucial election. It's good to know though that God is sovereignly in control no matter what the outcome.
Well, that's about all, enjoy your little Drew!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot