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Friday, January 30, 2009

It's Friday!....

I am SO glad it's Friday! It has just been one of the LONGEST weeks, ever! We did LOTS of messy (but FUN) crafts this week and with Drew having a cold and wanting to be held all of the time, I just feel like nothing was really accomplished. But, looking at what I just typed, I realize that the most very important things were done. :)

Sunday, February 1st, I am joining Kelli, one of my very first blogging friends in The Husband Encouragement Challenge!! I did this last year and the difference in my husband was just remarkable so I am doing it again this year; come on and join us!!

And, I won't be posting on my challenge for a little while but I hope to catch up when I get back. I am taking a blogging break this week to focus and regroup. I need to spend ALL of my extra time praying for my husband and my children. I love Kelli's idea of praying on the bathroom floor if I have too; I HAVE done that before... :)

Well, so, I hope to see ya'll sometime after next week! I have some pictures to post so I may get back to that sometime this week if I have the time. Other than that, I won't be posting until after this week! Talk to you then!

Have a great weekend and next week, everyone and please consider joining us in the Husband Encouragement Challenge!!! It's life changing, I promise!!



JavaMama said...

Awesome! I am SO excited about the Challenge... I am preparing my mind and heart right now... I am praying that all wives and husbands are greatly blessed by these 30 days as well as the children and on lookers! May God be glorified!!

JOYfully in Him,

*I love the closet to hide away and pray in :0).

Deidre said...

Great idea - thanks!
God will always pour out his blessings when we purpose in our hearts to focus on Him.

Love your blog!

Denise said...

Enjoy your weekend sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I am joining you in this challenge, thanks for the awesome idea!!

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot