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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

a look at my 2009...

A few things I want to share with ya'll!!!!

*Hubby found extra work to take up some slack with our finances!! :) Thanks SO much to the good person who is offering the job!!

*The Love Dare is AMAZING!!! Wow. It's just really kicking my tail all over the place!! (more on this later) ;)

*Income tax return coming soon which means:

1. get ahead on bills!!!

2. home improvement projects

3. new computer (hopefully!!)

4. and these

Because just as soon as I get these babies, I get to start RUNNING again!!!! I am SO excited and I just can't wait!! Running does SO much for my state of mind and I am looking forward to the alone time, time to pray and think and hear God. That's what running does for me! :)

*starting on my annual first of the year DEEP cleaning just as soon as I get through cleaning up after this sickness, YUCK.

A few things on my list to do:

*take down light fixtures and wash thoroughly

*Wash walls (yes, I do this)

*Clean out and scrub refrigerator and freezer

*organize pantry, girls closets and bookshelves

*organize bathroom cabinets (Again, ugh.)

*Get Drew's room, FINISHED......


START SEWING!!!!!! (I want to find a simple book of easy projects that I can teach myself and therefore, teach the girls later) I know a little bit about sewing but I want to practice, practice, practice and just get SO much better!!

Well, that's all I can think of for now but ya'll know me and you know how I LOVE to make lists, so I will be back with more, I am sure!!! :)



crystal said...


Great minds think alike..lol...or sisters do anyway. I already got started on my house...and am 3/4 the way there...course everyone here is well finally...except alaina, she got a nebulizer today..for the bronchitis and allergies..

I got my running shoes a couple of weeks ago and cant wait to start running..course I'm not brave enough to run in 6degree weather either..so it will probably be spring before I get started...but at least I got my shoes and I got two new walking dvd's...

Love Yall and Hope Charlie gets better soon....


crystal said...

And dont forget to put in there that your going to come see me..lol...the girls keep asking when Claire and Lily are going to come see them. We miss yall so much.....

Love Ya

Denise said...

So happy that Charlie is getting extra work.

If we don't find Him in the small things, how will we ever find Him in the big ones? ~Elisabeth Elliot