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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Happy Birthday, Baby! And News....

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLIE!!!!! I am making an awesome meal tonight with his favorite Blackberry Cheese Pie for dessert(seriously, you have to try this pie, SO good!) I can't wait until he gets home so we can eat it and it's super great for these crazy hot days! :o) Sarah has some yummy looking pictures here. (We use frozen blackberries, they are cheaper!)

For those of you who don't already know, we are having a BOY!!!! I will try to get the ultrasound picture up sometime this week but it may take a while. I am officially back on blogging break after this post! I had to break my blogging fast to tell you the great news and to wish my hubby Happy Birthday! :o)

So, Happy Birthday, Baby and Welcome to the family, Baby Drew! Can't wait to meet you!!!!

Love and Prayers to all of you,


crystal said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARLIE! The girls said Hi! I hope you have a great birthday and many more to come.

Love Yall

Denise said...

I hope Charlie enjoyed his birthday, blessings to him.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! We find out what ours is in two weeks - I can't wait. I'm feeling much better, thanks for keeping me in your prayers.

Darcy said...

Hi Julie!

I'm was so excited to hear that you are having a boy! Congratulations!

I'm sorry I haven't commented much lately. I have been reading here though! There just isn't as much time for blogging when it is so beautiful out is there?! :)

Enjoy your blogging break!


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