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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A pregnancy update & the power of prayer

This is a 4D ultrasound photo of a baby boy at 30 weeks. It's not Drew but I just thought it was neat to look at! I wish that we could do that but probably won't get to with this one. We have a 3D of Lily but not one of Claire(they were not performing 3D's yet). Lily's looks just like her & it would be neat to see how Drew looks but that's okay, we can wait! :o)

So, an update on my pregnancy, I am SO tired! My legs and feet are really swelling up and my hands and face do sometimes. I don't have toxema (that we know of), it's just a lot of fluid! The doctor is a little concerned about all of the fluid, especially in my legs because of family history with phlebitis. So, we are keeping an eye on that.
Other than the swelling & just being tired, I am doing pretty good. :o) Just anxious to see our son! But not too soon! We want him to be strong and healthy.
I can't really tell you how much I have gained because I actually don't know! I kept track of it religiously with the girls but haven't been able to with this one! But, that's okay, I am still well within normal range and I am not too worried about it as I tend to lose it fast when I need to. I will just up the healthy eating & exercise another notch after Andrew arrives. Which actually, I am looking forward to getting more exercise. I am wanting a double stroller so that we can take long walks and I am actually wanting to take up running again after the baby comes so we will see how that goes.
On another less happy note, I want to ask all of you who read this to pray hard for my family right now. There are a lot of circumstances I can't go into but we all need prayer very much at this time. I can give you a few specifics so here goes:

*My mom & dad for strength and wisdom to deal with circumstances that directly involve them but are completely out of their control. (sorry so vague)

* My sister, Tammy, her husband George, and their children: Jesse, Michael, Sarah & Rose. Just that God will intervene and cover them with HIS love and peace. For wisdom and strength.

*For our church family, wisdom, courage & strength.

* My Uncle Edwin who is undergoing chemo right now and is not taking it very well, physically. He is fighting his 3rd round with pancreatic cancer.

*For Charlie, me, my sister, Crystal, her husband Paul and our children, strength and courage and wisdom to say things we need to say in love and not anger.

*For my state of mind as we prepare for the birth of our little Drew. God's peace to be with us.

Thank you SO much and please let me know if I can pray for you in anyway at all. Thank you to all of those who have offered to help in various ways, you are truly wonderful! :o)

Praising God for the glorious people HE has placed in our lives.

*Updated: My OB, Dr. Dwain Doyle has died. Please keep his family in your prayers. Also, please pray that we may find a wonderful doctor to replace the amazing doctor that we had. You will be missed, Dr. Doyle. He was a wonderful man who loved children and life. And for those of you who subscribe to my blog posts, I am so sorry about all of the edits! I have to keep fixing it because I was crying when I typed it.

Love and Prayers,



AmyD said...

Will be praying for you! Sorry to hear about your OB, I know it'll be hard to switch right at the end of your pregnancy.

In Light of the Truth... said...

Did I miss it?? What happened to your OB??

Denise said...

I am so sorry sweetie. Please know that I am praying for all of your prayer requests. I love you.

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